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Can I check in to my appointments from home?
Yes, you can sign documents, fill out forms, pay copays and send us important information prior to your visit.

Where can I find the app?

​Search on the App Store or on Google Play for "MyCarePlan" by Qure4u.

Can I speed up the check-in process in the waiting room?
Yes, if you fill out all forms and sign documents in the app from home, you will be pre-checked in and have no paperwork to fill out in the waiting room.

Will the app help me prepare for procedures?
Yes, if you are scheduled for a procedure or examination, the app will include step-by-step instructions about what you need to do in order to prepare.

Can I upload home-monitored vitals?
Yes, if your doctor or nurse needs to see your home-monitored data like blood pressure, blood sugar, pain or temperature, they will ask you to enter the data in the app. Important: Only upload data that your doctor or nurse have asked you to upload, other data will NOT be seen by the staff.

Can I send messages and photos from the app?
Yes, you can send messages and photos via the app. You can NOT use the app to contact us for urgent matters, if you have an urgent matter you must call us or dial 911.

Can I have a video call with my doctor?
Yes, the app includes functionality for video call, but you have to check with your doctor if it is turned on.

Do I get notifications via the app?
Yes, and it is important that you allow the app to send you notifications, because this will notify you when we have sent you messages or you have something you need to do at home. 

Can I get directions to where my appointment is?
Yes, you can see all your appointment details in the app including location, links to map and directions.