We are open for business!!! Here is the new normal though: We are seeing patients in the office. We want you to know that we are a medical facility and we WILL have sick patients in the office. It this makes you too uncomfortable to come see us in the office we are still doing telemedicine (video) appointments. When you are in the office we ask that you wear a mask. Even if this only reduces the spread of the virus by a small amount this helps us protect you but also the higher risk patients (age over 65, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) who need to come into the office for medical care and procedures. Please be respectful of this. If our lobby seems too full to you please check in at the front desk and go to your car or text us at (405)348-2323 to let us know you are here. We can then text you back when it is your turn to come in. 


Please call to speak with someone at the office to help us better evaluate you.

Please download one of these apps appropriate for your device to set up your account for telemedicine. This app also allows you to check-in for your appointment, pay your copay and communicate with us through the portal messaging system. Using this app will expedite your check-in process.

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Meet The Team

Wendy Parks, APRN

The "workhorse"

Her intuition and experience give her the ability to make huge impacts on her patients' energy, weight, libido and mood or make them "skinny, happy and horny!"

Scott Waugh, MD

The "traveling doctor"

He juggles a primary care practice, weight loss, hormones, sports medicine, regenerative orthopedics and world-wide ultrasound teaching for MSKUS.

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Ashlee Waugh, MD

The "healthy mom"

Although she is only with us 2 days a week, she uses her experience as a doctor to help her patients live a healthy life, while they juggle the responsibilities of work and parenthood. 

Cassie Davis, APRN

The "newbie"

She comes to us from an urgent care position. She is great at primary care and loves to work with patients to improve diet, exercise habits and strength. 


"I can't say enough about what Wendy has done for my health and quality of life! She is the most thorough healthcare provider I've ever seen. Before I went to Wendy, I had seen 2 different GYNs, over a 2 year period, and still felt like hell. Within 3 months of seeing Wendy, I felt like a new person. And, it keeps getting better. Her staff is friendly and attentive. My insurance is out of network and she is still very affordable. Again...I just can't say enough. I will be forever grateful for Wendy. She had given me my life back!"


"I see Dr. Waugh, he is awesome. He is going over and above to figure out what's going on with "me". The girls at the front desk are so sweet and friendly, they make you feel so comfortable and at ease. And docs nurse is so sweet, love her. Have to mention the lab guy, he is good, I hate needles and I didn't feel a thing. He gets your mind off what's going on and next thing you know he's done. YAY!!"



MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

 CLOSED 12:00 - 1:00 PM for lunch


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