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Primary Care

Traditional primary care services for most insurances including wellness exams, annual labwork and management of acute illness and chronic disease.

Thyroid Disease

Advanced thyroid analysis and treatment strategies to optimize thyroid levels along with energy, metabolism, skin, hair, nails, temperature and weight control. 

Weight loss strategies of all kinds tailored to your specific needs based on your age, gender, disease states and overall health to help you reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible. 

Anxiety & Depression

Working with you to find the right balance of medication, therapy, supplements and home modalities to improve your mental health and well-being. 

Hormone therapy to help you cope with the natural decline in hormones associated with aging and other medical conditions to help maintain weight, energy, mood, muscle, bone and libido. 

Autoimmune Disease

Identifying potential auto-immune states and levels of inflammation and providing therapies to improve symptoms in place of or at least helping get you to the right rheumatolgist if needed. 

Meet The Providers


Wendy Parks, ARPN

Wendy works hard to help people feel and look their best. Her intuition and experience give her the ability to make huge impacts on her patients' energy, weight, libido and mood. She is currently accepting new patients. 


Scott Waugh, MD, RMSK

Dr. Scott juggles a primary care practice, weight loss, hormones, sports medicine, regenerative orthopedics and ultrasound teaching for He is currently accepting new patients. 


Ashlee Waugh, MD

Dr. Ashlee is only with us 2 days a week. She uses her experience as a physician to help her patients live healthier lives. She helps with primary care, diabetes, heart disease, hormones, weight loss, among other things. She is currently accepting new patients. 

Contact Us

Someone will contact you soon. Please call 405-348-2323 if this is an urgent matter.


MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

 CLOSED 12:00 - 1:00 PM for lunch


65 S. Saints Boulevard

Edmond, OK 73034



Helping you recover from or manage sports medicine, orthopedic and neurologic conditions with conservative, non-surgical techniques. 

MSK Ultrasound

Dr. Scott Waugh is an expert in musculoskeletal ultrasound, using this modality to diagnose and treat many conditions and traveling globally to train other medical providers since 2010. 

Several IV cocktails to help with many different ailments from fatigue, acute illness, migraines headaches, jet lag and more. See the link to learn more. 

Botox, filler, hyper-dilute Radiess, Alma Hybrid CO2 laser and Alma TED. Dr. Ashlee Waugh and Wendy Parks both provide many services to help you look and feel young!

Advanced modern biologic therapies to help with orthopedic and neurologic conditions to help you avoid surgey. 

Dr. Scott Waugh is an MDVIP provider. Learn more by following the link. This is an executive-style annual physical exam and lab analysis to find problems early and improve overall health. 

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