2021 pricing

New patient = $175 (BCBS / cash)

Established patient = $95 (BCBS / cash)

Nurse visits = $30 (ALL)

COVID-19 Antibody testing = $50

Also, ask about our cash pricing for labs. We might be able to save you some cash. 


Check out the online supplement store at Fullscript. Get any and all of your supplement needs filled with us. These can help improve results with our weight loss, hormone replacement and general wellness recommendations. 

Dr. Scott Waugh has been selected to serve as a board member for the newly created non-profit organization Awake OKC.


We believe that in our modern day, on the go lives, it’s essential that we develop our natural capacity to be present. When we sharpen our ability to be in the moment, we become focused, calmer, kinder, and we awaken to a more purposeful life. Our vision is to create a more peaceful city, one mind at a time, through meditation and mindfulness-based practices.



We seek to improve the health and well-being of our community through mindfulness-based practices. This includes weekly meditation classes, trainings for the public at large, private groups, educators and students, as well as at-risk youth and incarcerated individuals. We teach mindfulness as a skill that is enhanced with continual practice and real time experience. 

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